Pixel Plane - Day 6 - Flying with Style

It's mid-afternoon and sunny when I take off from Fort Wayne, heading to South Bend. The wind has calmed and it's nice to relax and have a smooth flight.


Soon I'm lined up with the runway and touching down in KSBN South Bend.


I catch a cab to Notre Dame and check out the Studabaker National Museum. Dinner is at Tippecanoe Place, a restaurant in the Studabaker Mansion. With a full belly, I head back to the airport.  The sun is getting low as I prep for the next leg.

I'm excited about this flight. I'll be flying over Lake Michigan at sunset to arrive at Chicago O'Hare. The first waypoint is named STYLE, so I'll be flying with style.


The fading daylight turns orange as I leave the shoreline behind me.


For a while, there's nothing but the sun dipping beneath the water.


Skyscrapers are prominent as the shoreline comes into view.


I indulge myself with a flyby of Chicago O'Hare.


Finally I set down on runway 27R before parking in the general aviation area.


It's tempting to explore Chicago's night life, but it's been a long day with many hours of flight, and I check into my hotel. I'm asleep moments after my head hits the pillow.