Pixel Plane - Day 7 - Save Ferris

After spying a Piper Turbo Arrow IV available for rental in the KORD general aviation area, I decide to take it out for a morning spin. The cockpit is virtually identical to my Warrior's, except for those three teal lights next to the throttle. Retractable landing gear. Also, there is a lever between the throttle and mixture controls: propeller control.  The Arrow has a variable pitch propeller.


It really moves when I take off. I wouldn't mind having it for my cross-country trip. Those miles would fly by.


After a bit of city sightseeing, I return to KORD.


I spend the day touring Chicago and tracing Ferris Bueller's steps in one of my favorite movies, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I visit Tribune Tower, Marina City, the Skydeck of Willis Tower, Wrigley Field, and the Art Institute of Chicago.


I feel like Ferris racing in slow motion to get back to the airport for my departure.

I'm back in the air late in the day, leaving Chicago O'Hare.


After thirty minutes it's endless green fields until I  approach Moline.


I set down in KMLI Quad City Moline. Tomorrow's another day, and I'll explore it a bit before continuing on to Cedar Rapids.