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Hard sci-fi short reads for your Kindle

"This is Science Fiction written the way it ought to be; tight, suspenseful, and upbeat, with real science behind it and in a style that sucks you in to the last word. Great stuff."  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In the Hayden's World series, RF drives have opened up the solar system, making trips to Saturn and Jupiter possible in days and creating a gold rush of new jobs fueled by the space industry. Light speed is absolute and the great distances of space become apparent as ships venture to the outer rim. You're often on your own when danger arrives, with billions of kilometers between you and help.

Each story follows a particular pilot's adventure, whether it's James Hayden trying to get humanity interstellar in 43 Seconds and Erebus, Kyan Anders surviving a deadly encounter at the solar system's edge in Signal Loss, or Jia Xu thinking her way out of Uranus's icy skies before her time runs out in Aero One.

Hayden's World is hard science fiction, which means you'll find stories underpinned with physics and characters who MacGyver their way out of situations. On a hard-science fiction scale of one-to-ten, with a ten being works such as The Martian (Andy Weir), Red Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson), Seveneves (Neil Stephenson), or Proxima (Stephen Baxter), the Hayden's World stories are a seven. If you like stories by Weir, Robinson, Stephenson, or Baxter, then you'll probably enjoy the Hayden's World series.