Pixel Plane - Day 5 - Fort Wayne

My day starts with bacon and eggs at the Big Apple Cafe before heading out for my 9 am departure in Newark, Ohio. Some puffy clouds alternate breaks in the sunshine, with a touch of wind.


In no time the landscape changes, cities and towns giving way to farmland.


I take the time to tinker with the Bendix/King KN62A DME. Like many of the other navigation devices, it tunes into a navaid frequency. I look up a nearby VOR/DME and dial in the frequency. It displays distance to the VOR and time to station. It amazes me how many separate navigation devices are on the plane.


Procter and Gamble's Lima plant is not far from the KOAH airport, sitting on the other side of a reservoir. I fly over it before lining up with the airport.


After a short break in Lima, I take off just before noon and head towards KFWA Fort Wayne. The clouds continue and the wind picks up, swaying my warrior to and fro.


Crosswinds keep me on my toes as I try to keep on centerline for the runway, and it's a relief when I finally set down.


I've got short rest here and some time to explore Fort Wayne before heading to my next destination, KSBN South Bend.