Pixel Plane Day 12 - the Garden of the Gods

Today I begin my detour around the Rocky Mountains with an early morning departure from Denver International. Colorado Springs is a short 69 nautical mile hop. A scenic approach awaits me as I descend.


I grab a bite at Marigold Cafe and Bakery before heading off visit the Garden of the Gods. It's a given that I drop by The National Museum of World War II Aviation and the Peterson Air and Space Museum. I could easily spend a few days here, there's so many things I want to explore. - Pike's Peak, Glen Eyrie Castle - but I have a schedule to keep, so I'm back in the air enroute to KPUB Pueblo. The landscape is unearthly, filled with fissures and rock formations along the way.


It's a small general aviation field, and I park and refuel.


In no time I'm back in the air onwards to KTAD Perry Stokes.  After a brief rest here and a bite to eat, I take off for KLVS Las Vegas , New Mexico (not to be confused with Las Vegas, Nevada). I've gotten the hang of setting up NAV2 with my destination and linking the DME to it, displaying remaining distance. The orange glowing digits read 64.4 nautical miles.


The sun is low as I land and I call it a day.


The next morning I sleep in a bit, grab a quick breakfast, and prepare for my trip to Albuquerque International Sunport.  KABQ is in Class C airspace, so I'll be under full ATC for this trip.  The most direct route takes me over some high mountains, so I'll be taking a more leisurely path, avoiding the peaks.


I couldn't ask for a better day. Visibility is perfect with cloudless blue skies. The landscape is a swirl of nutmeg and ochre as I ascend to ten-thousand feet.


Even this far south, there's still some tall mountains to cross, but Albuquerque comes into view. I follow the standard approach and set down on runway three.


I roll into the general aviation area and shutdown. I've got a few hours here before moving on to Gallup. One of my favorite TV shows, Breaking Bad, was set in Albuquerque. I ponder if there are any locations to visit as I climb out of my Warrior.