Pixel Plane Day 15 - Sin City

After enjoying the views from 1Z1 Bar Ten airstrip I'm back underway for another canyon transit. The sun is low and the rock shines orange. I fly southwest, passing over 1G4 Grand Canyon West airport. It looks precarious nestled along the chasm's edge.


In no time I'm flying over Lake Mead, then the glittering Vegas lights appear like an oasis. I'm enveloped in the city's spectacle.


The strip slips past me with its brightly illuminated buildings.


There's air traffic everywhere, red beacons and white strobes pulsing in the night. ATC has me follow a Piper Comanche in for landing.


I taxi into the parking area, the Mandalay Bay Casino visible behind me.


I decide that's the first place I'll visit. I'm not much for gambling, but they have a fantastic aquarium. Afterwards I'll walk the strip, get my George Clooney vibe out for the Bellagio, and visit the Pinball Hall of Fame. It's midnight when I head back to the hotel.

The next morning I catch a bit of breakfast and head back to the airport for my departure to KDAG Barstow-Daggett.  The first thing I think of when I hear "Daggett" is the robot-dog from Battlestar Galactica, although that one was spelled "daggit". It's sunny with a little bit of wind coming from the east.


Minutes later I'm in the air with Vegas falling behind me.


Sandy desert stretches on along the route.


When I worked out my flight plan on SkyVector, it placed me on a straight-forward path via OASYS and DISBE waypoints. In my haste, I missed an import point.  It's not until I glance at my Garmin mid-flight that I notice the airspace brackets dead ahead.


Abruptly I turn ninety degrees to the left. Pulling up the VFR sections, it's restricted military airspace. Fortunately I caught my error before breaching it. Getting intercepted by F15s would be a bad end to this trip. I go around, then catch the KDAG VOR radial and get back on track.


As I close on KDAG, I work on flying a standard pattern. I enter the downwind on the forty-five, line up my wingtip with the runway, work on my altitude and power and turn base. I'm a bit early on my base turn, but I'll get better with practice.


I set down smoothly and exit the runway.


Barstow-Daggett airport is in San Bernanino. I'm curious to explore what's here for the next few hours. I've got another big flight ahead of me near dinner time, Los Angeles International, and I'm a bit nervous.