PilotEdge Flight: KSNA to KAVX

This weekend I rolled the Piper Archer out of its hangar and did a VFR flight with flight following out of KSNA John Wayne, which is in Class C airspace, to KAVX Catalina, a non-towered airport on an island off the west coast of California. KSNA is popular on PilotEdge, and two other player pilots, a Piper Warrior and Cessna Skyhawk, were also leaving the airport at the same time. I listened to them on ground communications as I watched them taxi, then I was up.

If you enjoy X-Plane (or other popular flight simulators liked Prepar3D or Microsoft Flight Simulator), PilotEdge greatly ups the immersion by adding professional ATC and other pilots. I find I do a lot of planning for a flight on PilotEdge. If you join, it’s up to you how much interaction you want. You can fly between non-towered airports and not talk with ATC at all, or fly into LAX and get the full experience of entering a Bravo. In my case, I like flying small general aviation craft like the Archer, and flying VFR, so flight following (ATC providing advisories of other traffic) gave me some fun interaction. Plus, just getting out of a Class C airport involved following ground instructions and departure restrictions. Check out the condensed version of the flight here: