Freebooksy Results - Janus 2 - 1 Month Later

Happy with my previous Freebooksy results for Hayden’s World, I ran a second promo featuring Janus 2. The promo ran Feb 16 - 20th. One month later, here’s the results:

  • Free books given away: 1767

  • Paid sales from other books in series: 57

  • KENP reads: 3298

  • Amazon Reviews: 3

  • Goodreads ratings: 2

All of the reviews and ratings were positive (all 5 stars), and the quality of the Amazon reviews was good, with readers giving detailed reasons why they enjoyed the book, showing that they’d clearly read and liked the story.

So, all in all, a good result. The review-to-download rate is lower than my norm (usually I average 1 in 200, but with this promo it was 1 in 600), but the reviews were good. The free book giveaway rate was sufficient to propel the story to the #1 spot in its assorted sub-categories. More importantly, it placed it and the other series on many people’s “also bought” lists in Amazon, which has helped with visibility. The 57 sales for other titles had the side-benefit of increasing all of my works’ rankings on the Amazon store.

I’ve been happy with my Freebooksy results, and will continue using them as a premium advertiser.