Pixel Plane Day 17 - Stargazing in La La Land

My three days in Los Angeles are a whirlwind. I visit Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, checking out the stars on the Walk of Fame, then walk down Rodeo Drive. After a stop at Paramount Studios, I'm off to Griffith Observatory in the evening for a bit of stargazing. Ryan Gosling and Emma  had their memorable date here in La La Land.

During the next days I hike a bit at Runyon Canyon Park and spend some time at Santa Monica Pier and Beach. It all goes by in a blink.

Late in the afternoon on my third day I fly to Santa Barbara. It's still a bit windy and there's a haze in the air, but conditions are good. My course takes me over the ocean flying parallel to the coast.


Clouds roll in as I near my destination, KSBA Santa Barbara. After all of my high-altitude waypoints to get here, I needed to do a double-take when I saw KSBA was 9 feet above sea level. It's the first time my altimeter's hit zero upon landing.


I eat dinner at Los Agave's and call it a night. The next morning I have a nine a.m. departure for KPRB Paso Robles. The runway heading leads me quickly into a wall of mountains, and I have to steadily climb to clear them.


I'm glad I requested flight-following from ATC. The route takes me over long stretches of rocky mountains. The landscape flattens out and KPRB Paso Robles comes into view.


As I taxi I notice the north end of the airport is home to the Estrella Warbirds Museum. Curious, I venture over to check it out.