A Case for Cases - Update

Last month I bought an iPhone X. I have no regrets - it's an awesome phone. But, it is a glass bar of soap, and this necessitates a case.

As an engineer, I have a knack of overthinking things. This was the case with my case. I wanted the saddle brown leather case, but rationalized myself into the silicone case. In the end, however, heart triumphed over mind and I chose the leather.

One month later, I've dropped my phone a few times. Never on concrete, but a few times on the hard floor at work. It's unscathed. The leather case itself was initially a scuff magnet. The slightest brush with a fingernail or jean rivet left scratches. But, it self-heals. The more I handled it the more the oils from my skin darkened and smoothed it, and scratches disappeared.

Initially the case was quite rigid and slick. After two weeks it become grippier and soft. I think the amount of grip is just right, now. It's developed a patina, darkening around the edges, and it looks great, like a worn saddle. Originally it was a uniform caramel color, but I prefer the darker brown.

Here's a few pics. If you return to my original post, you can compare them versus new: