Story Shorts

Take a second and glance up at the menu, on the right. I'll wait.

Find it? The new menu item just before the newsletter? I'm not selling athletic wear. In fact, I'm not selling anything. Those SHORTS are story shorts, and they're free.

Some of them will be bonus scenes to existing stories, like those DVD extras you get with director's cuts. Others will be new characters or subplots I'm trying on for a bit. They're not full short stories, just vignettes to capture the flavor of an idea, or answer a few open questions from a published story.

They're posted as a blog, which means you can comment on them. If you read a short you like, and want me to write more of the story, let me know in the comments. Shorts which gain traction may become full blown stories.

The first two shorts are posted:

  • Last Stand: Kyan testifies about what he found aboard the Resolve, but other agendas are in play. (2600 words)
  • Red, Blue, Green: Miyu thinks she's spotting for a data breach, but her life comes apart in an instant. (1500 words)

Hope you enjoy them!