Aristarchus Mission Patch

In Signal Loss, Kyan and Harmony wear matching baseball caps with the Aristarchus logo. In the first draft of the story I described the logo having a sunburst pattern above the ship's name, but the description was edited out to pick up the intro pace. 

I've enjoyed illustrating the covers for 43 Seconds and Signal Loss, and thought it would be fun to render the Aristarchus's mission patch. In the story, Kyan's cap and flight suit are ocean blue, so this formed the reference for the logo's color scheme.

Fun, huh? It picks up the story element of the Earth being occulted by the Sun while also illustrating the Greek astronomer Aristarchus, who was the first to propose the Earth revolved around the Sun (bet you thought it was Copernicus or Galileo? Aristarchus was a millennia earlier).