Reviews and Ratings

This week I gave away all of my stories for free. If you missed the giveaway, you can still get any story for 99 cents.

If you read a story, I'd love to hear what you thought on Amazon or Goodreads. 

You're probably like me when shopping for new books. Your eyes scroll down to the number of reviews and the book with no reviews gets skimmed past. It's a tough hurdle to clear as an indie author.

Besides just helping others find books, reviews are upvotes for storylines and characters. 43 Seconds has James and Ananke, Signal Loss has Kyan and Rios, and Aero One has Jia and Ping. Which characters would you like to hear more from? What will James do next with Bernard's Beauty? Will Kyan change his mind and use the card James gave him? What was the bigger story behind Watts and the crew of the Egret? Will Jia try and track down Ward? Your feedback will help me determine which storylines to develop.

Amazon asks for a star rating and a little text. The text can be brief. For example, one reviewer for 43 Seconds wrote "Smart and interesting. Looking forward to more from this author" (thank you!). Goodreads, on the other hand, allows you to just leave a star rating if you choose.

You get reach all of my books via my Amazon author's page and Goodreads author's page.

Thanks for reading my stories, and, as always, keep dreaming big.