Freebooksy Results - 1 Month Later

Just shy of a month ago I ran a Freebooksy promo for Hayden’s World: Volume 1. I chose Freebooksy based on positive feedback from other authors. At $70 for a one-day science-fiction newsletter promo, Freebooksy was on the pricier side (compared to my usual $15 - $40 promos), but on par with sites like Books Butterfly. Their website was very easy to book - a calendar displayed which days were available, you selected your data, filled in your book blurb, and paid. Freebooksy does state that they check your book to ensure it meets their editorial standards. I didn’t have any problems and received a confirmation within one day.

My promo went live Jan 20th, 2019. It was everything I’d anticipated. The first day, 1558 copies of Hayden’s World were downloaded. I set it free for the full five days allowed in KDP, and over the course of those days saw 2007 downloads. This easily hit number one in multiple categories on the Kindle store.


The nice thing about giving away a book for free which is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited is that page reads count towards KENP, so I got paid for them. In the month of the promo, I saw a big increase in KENP, with 4,523 pages read. That’s around $22.

I picked up three Amazon reviews and one Goodreads rating.

So, all-in-all a very good result. The ad didn’t pay for itself, but in terms of downloads per cents it performed much better than my usual promos. This weekend I am using Freebooksy again for Janus 2. Curious to see what results I get.