Pixel Plan Day 10 - Nebraskan Sunset

Wahoo is a small town with 4500 people. I check out the Saunders County Museum before leaving for my next leg. It's sunny and clear as KAHQ falls behind me.


Endless green tiles knit the landscape together as I venture towards Grand Island. A few clouds drift in, but they're high and sparse, and don't affect my course. When I land at KGRI Grand Island, it's busy, with a few heavies readying for departure.


I'm a bit museum-ed out, so for a change of place I visit the Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center. I grab dinner at Sin City Grill, then I'm back in the air for a late-day departure. Next up is KLBF North Platt.


The sun grows weary and drops beneath the horizon as I travel.


KLBF's light's are a welcome sight.


The last light fades as I roll into the general aviation area. Tomorrow's another day, and on to Akron.