Pixel Plane - Day 3 - Penn State

Today the rain continued in its same pattern: downpour, drizzle, sunshine, downpour. My original plan was a direct flight to KJST John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport, my last stop in Pennsylvania, but the weather is iffy and I decide to break the trip into two hops. I key my stop into the Garmin: KUNV - University Park 51 Airport. Fifty-one nautical miles, land, assess the weather, then on to Johnstown. The transponder is set to 1200 for VFR flight without ATC guidance.


It's drizzling as I line up on the KSEG Penn Valley runway, but there's no wind.


By the time I land at University Park, visibility has decreased and I don't get much of a Penn State aerial view.


I explore State College for an hour, which goes by in a blink, and pose for a picture next to the Nittany Lion Shrine statue. Sunlight's broken through the clouds and the rain has subsided. Looks promising. I prep for my next hop and take off.

With the fog gone, I can see State College properly from the air.


As the sun gets low, rolling mountains drift by until Johnstown comes into view. Like many Pennsylvania towns, it's an old steel maker.


The fading sunlight turns orange as I pull into the general aviation area at KJST. I watch a Cessna take off to my right, flying the pattern for a sunset view.