Pixel Plane - Day 2 - First Flight Complete

The weather is mixed today, with rain in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and rain again in the evening. I take advantage of the midday weather and prep the Warrior at noon. ATC assigns runway four. It's overcast with bits of sunlight breaking through, but winds are calm.


Moments later I'm rolling down the runway, rotating, and climbing away from KAVP.


It's a quiet, scenic trip, past endless green mountains and curving highways. I turn at LVZ VORTAC and head towards KSEG. I've checked the airport chart and know the runway will be nearly perpendicular to me at one-hundred-and-seventy degrees, so I plot a heading taking me at an angle south of it. Forty-five minutes go by, and I become aware of how painfully slow the Warrior's 118 knot cruising speed is. My navigation is spot on, though, and I see Penn Valley's airport beacon off my right wing.


A turn for final approach and I'm all lined up. I wonder about the houses just before the end of the airfield as I buzz over their roofs. Plates must rattle each time a plane glides past.


The touchdown is clean and I taxi and park. It's a little past 1 pm and I've got a three hour break before heading up for my next leg. I spied the Selinsgrove Speedway as I made my descent. A quick conversation with the locals reveal nothing is happening there today, so I ask about places for lunch. They send me to the Selinsgrove Brewing Company, but it's not my speed for lunch, and I'm flying, so I opt for the Kind Cafe, grabbing a seat at one of the tables outside.