Thank you for being a beta reader! Your input will really help improve my story. I appreciate it!

So, what's a Beta Reader?

The story you'll receive has already been through a few rounds of editing, made it past a first reader, and been polished to something presentable. Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure issues should already be fixed. This lets the Beta Reader focus solely on the story and reading experience.

As a beta reader, you'll provide input about what you liked and didn't like, anything you found confusing or unrealistic, and your perceptions on the pacing and resolution.

No need to proofread. My poor, poor first reader had to catch all those mistakes. You can let me know about spelling errors if you want, but what I'm really looking for is your perspective on the story.

Please don't post a review for the beta version you read. It's a work-in-progress! I will send you a free copy of the final electronic published version, and welcome any reviews for the finished product.

A Beta Reader Guide

Here's a few questions to provide a framework for summing up your input. You can choose to answer each individually, or use them as a guide for collecting thoughts in a summary:

  1. Did the story hold your interest from the very beginning?
  2. Are there parts where you wanted to skip ahead or skim?
  3. Were there any confusing part, holes or plot inconsistencies?
  4. Did you have to reread any sections to understand what was happening?
  5. Was the ending satisfying and believable?
  6. Which scenes did you really like?
  7. Was the main character relatable?
  8. Were the characters believable?
  9. Did the dialogue sound natural?
  10. Did the setting pull you in and did the descriptions seem vivid and real?
  11. In your opinion, what was the main strength of the story?

Instructions for loading the story on to your device

I can provide a copy of the story in epub, mobi, pdf, or docx formats. 

  • mobi can be read on Kindles, or any smart device running the Kindle App. Simply email the mobi file to your Send-to-Kindle address and it will appear on your device. Alternately, you can add me ( to your Approved Personal Document Email List, and I can email the file directly to your device.
  • epub can be read on iBooks and most Android devices. Some devices require sideloading of the file, while others will let you open it directly from an email. Consult your device's instructions.
  • pdf can be read on nearly any device. Unlike mobi and epub, however, pdf text is fixed and not flowable. You will need to pinch and zoom to make the text large enough to read on a small screen. For computer displays, this is not an issue. If you prefer to print out stories and read hard copies, pdf is the best format.
  • docx is Microsoft Word's format. If you prefer to change the font to Klingon before printing, or do something less exciting like change the margins and spacing, this is the way to go.